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Scaling your Workforce SKILLS

Sales Enablement

Extending your sales team talent

Many growth strategies across industries depend upon finding, recruiting and  retaining top talent with sales and technical expertise. Many companies struggle  to adapt to the fast paced, employee-orientated job market. On top of this, the IT  industry is suffering from a major undersupply of talented individuals. Companies  are approaching talent with traditional recruitment and hiring practices, which do  not scale fast enough and do not neccessarily provide the appropriate analytics  which help to make strategies effective and efficient. Chanonry’s 13 years  experience in readiness services provides an ideal platform to build the talent you  need for your company success. 

The need for a talent strategy

Most companies focus internally on selling products and services and the  importance of financials. There are unlikely to be many, if any, talent focused  individuals on their boards and so talent related issues are likely to be the last  thing discussed. People with the appropriate mindset and agility are needed to  manage change and adversity. Chanonry have many years experience in training  development and organisation for companies and can offer the services needed to build talent frameworks and strategy needed for growth. 
Sales Enablement